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Piezoelectric Igniter
Code: PZ
Price: $3.43
Quantity in Basket: none
These sleek black ignitors are what you need for the Film Can Cannon project. They are also perfect for the Plastic Hydrogen Bomb project in the Electrochemistry Chapter.

Producing a very hot 18,000 volt spark, they will light up neon lamps, LEDs, or just plain surprise the pants off of someone


Piezoelectric Igniter 10 pack
Code: PZ10
Price: $22.86
Quantity in Basket: none
A pack of 10 piezoelectric igniters.

Candle Powered Steamboat
Price: $7.31
Quantity in Basket: none
This wonderful little tin steamboat is hand-made in India.

A tiny candle powers the steam engine, and it makes a loud "putt-putt-putt" sound as it steams around a bathtub or swimming pool.
It can also use olive oil for fuel, and operate for hours.


Happy Drinking Bird
Price: $11.83
Quantity in Basket: none
This is the classic tabletop heat engine.

The glass body of the brightly colored bird contains a liquid that rises from the warm bottom to the evaporatively cooled top, and then spills back as the beak dips into the water to keep the head cool.

Can also be used to determine relative humidity, or modified to be a solar heat engine.


African Propeller Toy
Price: $11.92
Quantity in Basket: none
This is the propellor-on-a-stick the Wright Brothers had as kids.

Great fun to fly, these are hand made by woodworking artisans in Africa, and painted so that no two are alike.


Plastic Propeller Toy
Price: $1.67
Quantity in Basket: none
The plastic version of the Propeller Toy.

Colorful and lightweight, these won't hurt anything when playing in the house, and they fly 30 feet high, or can be aimed for playing catch, or flown into the wind for a boomerang effect. Great fun for all ages.


Price: $6.00
Quantity in Basket: none
One 4 inch strip of aluminum , one three inch strip of zinc, and one three inch strip of copper.

Excellent for making lemon or potato batteries, Coca-Cola batteries, or as items in your collection of elements of the periodic table.

These make good samples for Aluminum, Zinc, and Copper in your collection of samples for the Periodic Table of the Elements.


Sample Vials
Price: $9.37
Quantity in Basket: none
Ten sample vials with labels for the periodic table of the elements.

Start filling out your element collection today!


Fifty Sample Vials
Price: $38.21
Quantity in Basket: none
Fifty sample vials with stick on labels for the periodic table of the elements.

For when you know you'll have at least 50 elements in your collection.


Code: Agarose
Price: $4.73
Quantity in Basket: none
Molecular Biology Grade Agarose
This is the high purity gelling agent needed for gel electrophoresis experiments.

Each tiny one inch square packet contains between 600 and 700 milligrams of agarose, enough to make 50 to 100 milliliters of gel, depending on the gel strength you choose to make.

For large DNA fragments, a weak gel is needed, so most experimenters will be using one packet in 100 milliliters of distilled water.

Dissolves easily in cold water. Microwave 100 milliliters for 30 seconds to make the gel.


Methylene Blue Dye
Code: MethyleneBlue
Price: $4.86
Quantity in Basket: none
Methylene Blue Dye

Concentrated dye powder used for staining DNA.

Dilute with 4 liters (or a gallon) of water to make a strong dark dye.

Used for staining microscope speciments to show the nucleus, or to stain DNA in gel electrophoresis to show the banding (DNA fingerprinting, or DNA barcoding).

Also has fun uses in chemistry as a dissolved oxygen indicator.