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Gauss Rifle
Tiny Bead Magnet
Piezoelectric Igniter
Piezoelectric Igniter 10 pack
One 12 mm magnet
Four 12 mm magnets
Ten 12 mm magnets
Five small disk magnets
One 20 mm disk magnet
Ten 20 mm disk magnets
One 2 mm cube magnet
Ten Tiny Bead Magnets
100 Tiny Bead Magnets
Ring Launcher Kit
Levitation Bundle #1
Levitation Bundle #2
Ten Levitation Bundles #2
Levitation Bundle #3
One Nickel Plated Steel Ball
50 Nickel Plated Steel Balls
Two Tablespoons of Bismuth Shot
One Piece of Pyrolytic Graphite
Three Pieces of Pyrolytic Graphite
100 Pieces of Pyrolytic Graphite
One 50 mm Square of 3 mm Pyrolytic Graphite
One Megahertz Crystal Oscillator 5 pack
Single One Megahertz Crystal Oscillator
Computer Controlled Transmitter
Audio Transformer
AM Radio Transmitter Kit
1N34A Germanium Diode
RS232 Female Connector
Ten Germanium Diodes
One Hundred Germanium Diodes
Piezoelectric Earphone
Ferrite Core Coil
Ten Ferrite Core Coils
One Hundred Ferrite Core Coils
Variable Capacitor
Ten Variable Capacitors
One Hundred Variable Capacitors
The MK484 Radio on a Chip
Battery Holder
The Three Penny Radio Kit
Solar Cell
Three Tiny Solar Cells
Ten Tiny Solar Cells
Simple Crystal Radio Kit
One Alligator Test Lead
Ten Alligator Test Leads
Solderless Breadboard
Printed Circuit Board
Simple Amplifier Kit
Integrated Circuit Amplifier Kit
Fresnel Lens Page Magnifier
Rainbow Glasses
Laser Receiver Kit
Tube of 50 Light Sticks
Free-Space Laser Communicator Kit
Candle Powered Steamboat
Happy Drinking Bird
African Propeller Toy
Rattlesnake Eggs
Laser Voice Transmitter Kit
Homopolar Motor Kit
Ten Levitation Bundles #1
Digital Multimeter
Digital Thermometer Kit
100 Ring Launcher Kits
50 Ring Launcher Kits
Fifty small disk magnets
Diffraction Grating Film
Two Polarizers in slide holders
Eclipse Glasses
Wallet sized magnifier
Magnet wire
Portable Crystal Radio Kit
Plastic Propeller Toy
Ten big 50 mm pieces of pyrolytic graphite
Barkhausen Effect Kit
Why There's Antifreeze in Your Toothpaste: The Chemistry of Household Ingredients
Gonzo Gizmos
Return of Gonzo Gizmos
A Twisted Garden
Sample Vials
Fifty Sample Vials
Methylene Blue Dye
Kryptonite Sheet Square Foot
Kryptonite Vinyl Sheet Square Yard
Larger Kyptonite Vial
Arduino Oscilloscope Kit
Arduino Nano
USB Mini cable
Arduino ProMini 3.3 volt 8 MHz microcontroller
FTDI Programming Board for Arduino
Battery cable for LiPo battery
1.8 Inch Thin Film Transistor LCD Screen
Digital Rotary Encoder
150 milliampere-hour lithium battery
Four port lithium battery charger
A strip of six programmable RGB LEDs
The Rainbow Headband Kit
Sine Wave Generator Kit
AD9850 Direct Digital Synthesis Module
Keychain Laser Flashlight
Violet Laser (405 nm)
Electronics For Artists - Adding Light, Motion, and Sound to Your Artwork